Artist: Madonna
Song: Shame (Unreleased)
Album: Erotica
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7.01 - “Orange Blossom Ice Cream” Written by Tom S. and Directed by Chris Long.
(Heller not being the writer should not be a surprise; he’s working on Gotham at the moment.)

But a first in TM history. I was wondering who Bruno would delegate his place to.

I do feel he will pen the final episode. He did an interview where he said he wanted to finish “his baby”.

That’s good. I’m sure this season will be great. I’m not expecting to be tortured in season seven and that will be a wonderful relief!

I am a little sad because Heller has always been my favorite writer, but Tom is great, too, so, hey. Hope it’s gonna be a wonderful season WITHOUT torture.

One could argue that Tom has already written one premiere with MBH. Though it was within the Season, it was the ‘premiere’ of TM 2.0. So not surprising.
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