"My show is back next week!" — basically everyone that normally says this at this time of year, aside from The Mentalist fandom.
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Most fandoms: yeah finally our show!!



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What can I say? 


I’ve held onto my thread of hope, the one that has served me so well for more than two years, through two full rounds of being told the show would not be renewed for a sixth, and then a seventh season. Through tortuous plot devices and delay for canon Jisbon.

Well, I got my sixth season. I got my seventh season. And I have my canon Jisbon. It’s pretty sweet to think about that.

I’ve written at least 105 Jisbon fanfics to carry myself and even others along, painting the vast open landscape of still uncharted canon Jisbon with my overheated fantasies. All for the love of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon as a romantic couple. I can’t wait to see what the show’s writers actually give us as canon for that landscape.

Tim Kang’s statements that seven is the end, tweeted so many times and in so many ways, is official enough word for me. I accept Season 7 as the last. And I believe it will be fun and glorious.

And it will break my heart to say goodbye. It does now, even anticipating it.

So, I will have another season to love and dream about, no doubt generating new fanfics, to read and to write, from the wonderful stories by the show’s writers, and the endlessly layered interpretations and nuances from the actors.

Could it be any better than this?

Okay. Maybe with eight. Nine. Ten. But that is not to be.

I will fill myself with Seven.

Love to the greatest fandom in the world. And I do mean world. 56 Million viewers world wide. We are awesome!